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Christos Nicolaou (Sparti, Laconia Greece, 1943–1993) embarked on a transformative journey when he immigrated to Canada in 1969, accompanied by his wife Ekaterina (1946–1983) and their two sons, Konstantin and Yianni. Choosing East Vancouver, British Columbia as their new home in 1974, the Nicolaou family has since established a steadfast presence in the region.


A seasoned painter specializing in interior finishes, particularly plaster architectural castings and details, Christos Nicolaou underwent a professional evolution in the late 1970s. Confronted with an allergic condition to paints and solvents, he adeptly redirected his expertise, emerging as one of Vancouver's preeminent manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Operating Christ Cabinets Ltd from 1974 until his untimely passing in 1993, merely weeks shy of his 50th birthday, Christos left an enduring legacy.


To commemorate his unwavering commitment to family, craftsmanship, and the Greek Canadian Community, a Trade Scholarship has been established in collaboration with A.H.E.P.A. District 26th. This scholarship is dedicated to supporting exemplary Greek Canadian youth aspiring to perpetuate the skills, professionalism, dedication, pride, and commitment exemplified by "People in Trades."


Presently overseen by Konstantin (Kostas) Nikolaou of Vancouver, BC, the Scholarship Program stands as a testament to Christos Nicolaou's enduring influence on the woodworking profession and his profound impact on future generations in the trade.

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